Back to the vets

Well, it’s good news and bad! Her eyes are doing ok but they are still inflamed so we have now got to introduce new tablets which hopefully will help her eyes settle down. The vet is very happy with the way her eyes are looking. The work that was carried out last Friday has worked and she is able to see BUT, they are still red and sore so as well as the eye drops day and night she will have to have some very expensive drugs to try and help.

This brings me onto a message about pet insurance. We all think about cancelling our policy especially when they seem to put the premium up every year. I can honestly say that the treatment that Kira has received would not have happened if I had not been insured. The total bill so far is over £5000 and we are still going so if you are thinking about changing or cancelling your insurance please think twice about it. I advise a policy that gives you lifelong cover and speak to your local vets to see which they have the best payout from as the insurance companies are all different and some do like to avoid paying. As for which level of cover has to be the best you can afford. I went with a company that offered three levels of cover and because I have three dogs I opted for the middle level of cover. This has given me up to £5000 worth of veterinary treatment; I now have to pay any vets fees that are incurred but the New Year starts in May so I will be able to pay the excess again and start to claim on a new year after this date. Because I have lifelong cover they will pay out again on the same condition. If I had gone for the top policy I would have been able to claim all the vets’ fees.

Back to Kira, she is back at the vets hopefully in a couple of weeks if all goes well on the new tablets so I will keep you updated on her progress.