Are we nearly there yet?

Sorry for the delay but like everything my life is running away without me. Kira had her check up at the vets and I’m very pleased to say that everything looks great. Her pressures where down to 6 and 8, which is brilliant. The inflammation was almost gone. So a week on drops every six hours and as of tomorrow we can start to bring them down to every eight for a couple of weeks then hopefully they can be reduced to every 12 hours. We do not have to go back to the vets until the beginning of May so hopefully we are getting there. It’s been a long hard slog but I’m glad we made the decision to go ahead with the operation. Especially after today.

We took Kira out on a day trip to Kelmarsh game fair. She always comes with us if we go out for the day, so today was no different. Off we went and as soon as we arrived she was so happy. Her tail wagged most of the day, she kept stopping to look at the strange sights like the mini tractors that made a funny noise, or the machinery which had moving parts fascinated her. She watched Moss and Bronte having a go at the gundog scurries (we couldn’t let Kira have a go for oblivious reasons) but she had a great time. Not even once did she grumble at another dog if it got to close, and she was happy with all the people passing close to her. So that was her Easter and I’m pleased to say she has really enjoyed it and seen it through new eyes.