Over the summer:

Kira has gone from strength to strength over the past few months. Her eyesight has improved so much that I feel she has a new drive behind her that we haven’t seen in years. She has been with us to most of the working tests and whilst myself and Moss have been competing Kira, Bronte and Wayne have sat at the car and wondered around the grounds. She has enjoyed the trips out and the bacon cobs Wayne has become a master chef at cooking from the camp stove. She has enjoyed day trips out to the game fares around the country, getting very excited at some of the stands especially the ones with the live birds in, which she spots from a mile away. She has sat patiently waiting for Moss and Bronte on the events, often standing on her back legs to get a better few of the ground. I have to admit, I have been very naughty when it comes to her eye appointments and contacting the vets, I have emailed a couple of times but I have not had chance to get her back for a check up, but that being said she is still taking her eye drops daily and I am monitoring the pressure with the equipment from work, and I check her eye’s weekly. I am very happy that we had the chance to offer Kira the cataract surgery and even more pleased that she seems to be a happier dog because of it. One of her best moments happened just a couple of weeks ago; I had entered Moss in a working test in Wales. The distance was too great to travel in just one day and my suggestion of a B&B went down like a lead balloon with Wayne who a year previously he had brought a tent for just an occasion. Luckily we have not had to use it as I am the first to admit that I do outdoors but I don’t do cold and no hot running water. The night in the tent was horrid and I promise we will not be repeating the exercise BUT Kira took to it, she even seemed to enjoy it. As you know I can never trust Kira with other dogs because of her temperament and medical problems but the campsite was secure and there was only us and Kelly a friend with her GWP Podge. Kira had her muzzle on so we decided to let the dogs just mingle, Kira kept her cool and even had a little sniff and play with Podge which is amazing for her, I feel her eyesight recovery gave her the confidence to keep calm where as normally she would go off and panic if a dog came near her. I was so pleased.