We seem to have been pre occupied by a few little grey things for the past few months so the blogs have been put on a side burner.

What has Kira been up too?

Well I’m pleased to say her eyes are good, she has to have drops twice a day everyday but they have all settled down and look great. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think she has the eyesight that she should, she does miss things and things make her jump a lot more than usual, is this worse than before we had her eyes done? I can only guess but feel she has more sight and better quality after her operation than if we had done it, but don’t think she has 100% vision especially in low light.

She is enjoying going out and even playing with Fen, ok only for a few minutes before she gets worried and starts to snarl but at least she has started to accept that Fen is here to stay……sorry Kira!

I have to say to people who are reading this that if you have linked to my site because you are looking for a Vizsla puppy please read the blogs before you ring me….I make no secret of the fact that Kira is:

1. Aggressive

2. Epileptic

3. Has had cataract surgery to correct bilateral cataracts

4. Ten years old

5. Spayed

But I get at least one or two phone contacts a month asking if I am planning a litter from my Vizsla, and they normally start the call/email by “I have been on your website and think your dogs are great are you planning a litter from the Viz”?

Surely if you are looking to find your next dog, you would hope that it came from the best stock possible and I’m sure 1 – 4 above doesn’t equal good quality and I’m pretty sure 5 kind of finalises it!

The summer is Kira’s favourite months, she loves the heat and loves going out on day trips with the rest of the family so keep an eye out for us at shows and game fairs but remember number 1 when you come to say hello.